For over twenty years, DimesWorth has helped small businesses and non-profits meet both their day-to-day and specialized accounting needs using various accounting platforms. The DimesWorth team has an extensive knowledge of their field and the programs necessary for today’s businesses. Since 2002, DimesWorth’s Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor team members have regularly provided training and general assistance to clients, demonstrating how Quickbooks and other desktop and online systems can best meet their needs.

This extensive training and experience makes DimesWorth an excellent resource for new and growing companies looking to develop systems to meet the specialized needs of their industry. DimesWorth’s clients cover a wide range of fields including documentary film producers, architectural firms, CPA firms, public relations firms, construction companies, dance companies, and real estate development firms. As a result, DimesWorth has become a highly adaptable firm capable of tailoring its services to the needs of the individual client and its industry. In addition to providing assistance in meeting regular bookkeeping and payroll needs, DimesWorth’s staff also understands when individualized systems are needed to meet the specific needs of small businesses in niche markets. At these times, DimesWorth staff is able to use its skills to customize programs to meet the needs of the industry. For example, DimesWorth was able to adapt Quickbooks Desktop to successfully meet the specific accounting needs of the documentary film industry. 

As president and CEO of DimesWorth, LeAnn Lewis brings over fifty years of experience in accounting to her work. LeAnn began her career as an enrolled agent working with individual and small businesses to complete their tax filings before transitioning in 1982 to consultant work in accounting and bookkeeping. LeAnn served as the comptroller for WordWorth Books, an independent bookstore in Harvard Square, for twelve years before leaving in 2000 to open DimesWorth. LeAnn and her team bring their extensive experience in accounting and bookkeeping to all of their clients, working one on one with them to understand the client’s needs and develop successful solutions.